Studying is worthwhile

The results of the salary report 2017 for specialists and managers of StepStone UK GmbH show that studying is worthwhile.

In the fall of 2016, the online job exchange StepStone conducted an online survey in which some 60,000 specialists and executives took part.

University graduates earn more

Overall, the study shows that university graduates earn more on average than skilled workers without a university or college degree. Thus, the average salary of an academic with a Bachelor’s degree is just under 8,700 pounds higher than that of a master or specialist. The income of professionals with master’s degree is even good 11,600 pounds about it.

According to the study, it is particularly valuable for technical specialists who, without a degree, earn a quarter less than engineers. HR professionals also receive 26 percent more salary when they have studied. In the IT, marketing and sales as well as in the areas of finance, insurance and banking, academics are better paid. Particularly clear here are the differences in the areas of controlling and taxes. In the area of ​​purchasing and logistics, specialists and executives with academic degrees are also better compensated.

Salaries by degree program

For some of the professions covered in the study, a university degree is also a prerequisite for access: physicians receive the highest annual salary of around £ 79,500 on average. The second place is occupied by lawyers with about 74,000 pounds per year. The annual income of industrial engineers and engineers averages around 70,000 pounds. Mathematicians, computer scientists and business computer scientists receive about 68,000 pounds per year, natural scientists 67,000.

Experts in economics, business administration and economics earn around 65,400 pounds better than architects (55,800 pounds), psychologists (55,200 pounds), political and social scientists (about 53,000 pounds), teachers (50,000 pounds) and academics from the Philosophy and Humanities (47,000 pounds).

History and cultural scientists (46,800 pounds), designers (46,000 pounds) and educationalists / social educators (45,100 pounds) have the lowest average annual income.

On average, academics earn an average of 37 percent more than skilled workers and executives without a university degree.

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