The way of working of ghostwriters

Writing high-quality academic texts takes time and effort. Just like their clients, many ghostwriters try to avoid this hassle. Some of them have on their computers a fund of up to 1000 documents from which they largely copy the commissioned work. Little text is written individually for the student. The likelihood of this blasting off is therefore extremely great.

How much does a high-quality ghostwriter page cost?

Ghostwriters who individually write the text of each academic paper calculate with 50 £ to 100 £ per page. For an 80-page diploma thesis the student has to spend 5.000 £ to 6.500 £. With cheaper offers, it seems likely that the work was clicked together from other plants. But also, who spends 6,000 £, can not be sure to get an individually created work. Too great is the temptation to reuse excerpts from old works. Even experienced ghostwriters need about two months for a well-founded 80-page diploma thesis.

The student does not get a guarantee for a good grade. Ghostwriters also accept topics that are outside their own field of expertise. Quote from a ghostwriter who wants to remain anonymous: “Of course, I’m not in the subject like someone who studied a subject.”

The “Ghostbuster” of the universities

Hardy Grafunder of the Legal Department of the University in London can ever call under ghost writers “undercover” to detect fraud attempts. He also receives regular information by telephone. Quote: “Ex-partners bring the most beautiful secrets to light.” “I advise everyone to trust a ghostwriter, they act criminally, they are ready to lie and deceive, they commit themselves to a lifelong dependence on these people, they make themselves blackmailed, maybe the ghostwriter thinks he has one Wants to share in the career … “says Grafunder. For example, a ghostwriter’s slogan: “No problem, we’ll do it!”, Quickly becomes a “no problem, we’ll do the author.” mutate.

Is it permissible to get support from friends?

Of course, if you discuss the topic of your work with friends and get ideas for the text, that is allowed. You can also give the text to others to read and get suggestions and comments. The limit is reached when someone other than you seizes the pen and writes your text. The best tips are given by professional academics who have been in the profession for years and are experienced in consulting students. If you do not have someone in your circle of friends who is suitable and takes the necessary time, look for someone on the net, eg. B. one of our coaches & lecturers

What are the consequences if students hire ghostwriters?

The individual universities are subordinate to the federal states and the applicable higher education law. The North Rhine-Westphalian Higher Education Act, for example, is very strict and envisages ex-registration in ghostwriting. In addition, the students can be fined (HG NRW v. 30.11.2004, § 92, 7).

Which alternatives are there?

Find a professional coach or mentor to help you create your work. With this type of support, you write the text yourself, but you use a partner who can help you with problems. This support is legal and much cheaper than ghostwriting. A mentor can help with the structuring of the topic, motivate you and engage with you in the technical discussion about your topic.

If you are unsure of wording, spelling, and scientific reasoning, you can go back to a lecturer. The critical view of others, who are familiar with the scientific working methods and the requirements for their results, can uncover weaknesses that are often hidden from the writer because of the lack of the necessary distance to the text. Optimal support is provided by a science lecturer. In addition to spelling it can also check your reasoning technique and the scientific structure of your work. British teachers who work as lecturers are less experienced in these areas. Do not save in the wrong place!

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